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Primary Care services offered in Boca Raton, FL

What is primary care?

Primary care is a foundational part of medicine that focuses on maintaining your health as you age. As a primary care provider, Dr. Lopez cares for most of your medical needs. He’s the first person you see if you’re sick, managing a chronic disease, or need a referral to a specialist. Partnering with a primary care provider you trust is an important step in managing your health.

What does primary care include?

Dr. Lopez offers many primary care services at his practice, including:

Annual physicals

Annual physicals are routine exams Dr. Lopez performs to evaluate your current health. When you have a physical each year, Dr. Lopez can identify early warning signs of disease and illness when they’re still treatable. 


With an emphasis on whole-body care, Dr. Lopez aims to create individualized health management plans for every patient. He works with you to adjust your diet, lifestyle, screening schedule, and medications as needed to ensure optimal health as you age.


Vaccines contain biological substances that trigger your body’s natural immune protection against infectious diseases and illnesses. Dr. Lopez can help you stay up to date on your vaccine schedule, whether you visit his office or book a house call. He offers a full scope of vaccines, including the COVID-19 vaccine.

Chronic disease management

A chronic disease is a health concern that requires long-term care. Dr. Lopez can address chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease, and arthritis. With individualized care plans, Dr. Lopez can help prevent complications from chronic diseases and protect your health.

Sick care

If you have a fever, persistent cough, vomiting, diarrhea, or another symptom of acute illness, Dr. Lopez can diagnose and treat your condition.

House calls and telehealth

Dr. Lopez proudly provides flexible primary care for patients who can’t make it to his office. Whether you’re homebound or don’t have reliable transportation, Dr. Lopez can visit your home or connect with you virtually.

Can I schedule a same-day visit with my primary care provider?

You can schedule same-day urgent care visits with Dr. Lopez if you need prompt care for an illness or injury. Dr. Lopez encourages you to reach out and schedule an in-office visit, house call, or virtual consultation.


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