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Fernando Lopez Ivern MD

Primary Care Medicine in Boca Raton, FL


About Fernando Lopez Ivern MD

Fernando Lopez Ivern, MD, is an Internal, Family, and Emergency Medicine specialist who has served the Boca Raton, Florida community for more than 30 years. At Fernando Lopez Ivern MD, he provides comprehensive primary care services for patients of all ages with the flexibility they deserve. 

Dr. Lopez is a firm believer in personalized treatment. He proudly designs individualized health plans for every patient to ensure they can improve and maintain their health as they age. Whether patients need sick visits or treatment for cardiovascular conditions, Dr. Lopez tailors each patient’s regimen to meet their specific needs and goals. 

As the medical director and owner of Fernando Lopez-Ivern MD, Dr. Lopez strives to make health care accessible for every patient, even if they are housebound or lack reliable transportation.

Along with in-office visits, Dr. Lopez offers house calls and telehealth services to his patients. From head-to-toe physical exams to urgent care visits, Dr. Lopez can meet his patients on their terms to ensure they receive the needed attention and support.

Preventive care is at the core of Dr. Lopez’s commitment to individualized treatment plans. He works directly with each patient to prevent chronic disease, illness complications, and worsening symptoms through lifestyle modifications, nutritional counseling, and other preventive recommendations.

With experience in all aspects of medicine and multiple local hospital affiliates, Dr. Lopez provides high-quality medical treatment for patients of all ages. Call or schedule an appointment online today to learn more.        


We accept most insurance providers. If you have specific questions regarding your coverage, please contact us for additional information.
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Patients Reviews

Excellent, thorough care, excellent, caring staff

Scott N. | May 10, 2023
Dr. Lopez-Ivern is a serious doctor with many years of successful experience. He has saved my life twice in the last 15 years from life-threatening illnesses. He never panics, is straightforward with his analysis, and always treats an emergency with reassurance, calm, and a little sense of humor to raise your spirits. The biggest draw for me is his accessibility. He never refuses someone in need. He always accepts you for an immediate impromptu appointment, in the case of an emergency. His bedside manner is rare and is old school. Of all of my doctors, he is the one who has the final say for me, the one I trust!!

Marianne Eileen H. | May 09, 2023
Dr Lopez and his staff are Venice is a very good Doctor.I’am happy to be his patient thank you .

Marie Renane S. | May 01, 2023
I have been a patient of Dr Lopez for many years. I am very pleased with the work him and his staff perform. I am scheduled for a physical check up soon. I am looking forward to a healthy year.

Kenneth T. | May 01, 2023
He's the best!!!

Isabel C. | Apr 19, 2023
My wife and I recently retired and moved to Boca from the San Francisco Bay area. Trusted friends highly recommended Dr. Lopez to us and we are so happy they did. We have each seen him a couple of times now and the experience has been great, beginning with his staff. They are professional, friendly and welcoming. They get you in to see the doctor pretty quickly. They all make you feel you are in good hands. Dr. Lopez is a great listener who does not rush you through. He gives you quality time and treats you with care and respect. If you are looking for and need a great doctor, I highly recommend Dr. Fernando Lopez.

Joel N. | Apr 03, 2023
He cares, a rare jewelry to find in these days where medicine has become a business rather than a passion

Alejandro M. | Apr 02, 2023
Dr. Lopez-Ivern provides excellent health care. I'm a new patient who recently moved to the area and was very well impressed by Dr. Lopez and his staff. He takes time with every patient and you feel your health is in great hands.

Guillermina N. | Apr 01, 2023
Just wonderful, caring and so competent. Please try and clone yourself Dr. Ivern Lopez. You epitomize everything a physician should be. Cheers to you and your wonderful staff

Ma T. | Apr 01, 2023